Beauty Tips about your skin and beauty products.

hair and skin care

hair and skin care

Every woman even man wants to look prettier than other. So it is not so difficult but we should make a daily basis routine to done our beauty tips so it will make a good and healthy difference for your body skin and eyes.

We are sharing some simple and healthy tips which fulfill your wish to look beautiful and gorgeous.


1: Foundation for Skin:

Everyone when goes for buying a foundation, check it on putting on the back side of hand and match with skin, but when we put the same foundation on face it doesn’t match. So that’s why we should match the color of foundation with face color or put on the chin area.

2: Irritation of After Shaving:

When we shaved our skin we suffers the redness and irritation on that part so there is the tip, when you go for shaving stand for few minutes under warm water shower that follicles the hairs and its become easy to remove them from skin.

3: Expand the Thinly Lips:

To make your lips bigger shape try light colored lip liner and put on your lips and put your lipstick inside the liner so it will give you beautiful shape and look. It will also show and make you lip look thicker.

4: Alternate Pedicure:

If you don’t want to go for some sessions of your pedicure treatment then try the pumice stone and it will work and clean you foot from dead skin, and make healthy and prettier look.  After scrubbing the feet apply some moisturizer on your foot and before going outside apply sun block.

skin care

5: Soft Skin:

To keep the moisturizing level of your skin stable you must apply some good moisturizer on your face skin right after having the shower. When we take a bath our natural oil was removed from skin and skin looks dehydrated and dry so never forget to put moisturizer to give soft look.

6: Greasy Scalps:

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