Behind reasons of Bella Thorne’s pretty face…

Bella Thorne’s pretty face

Bella Thorne’s pretty face

Bella Thorne is in her teen age but still she is very pretty and gorgeous.

What is the reason? Yes she always follows the instruction which her mother gives her. So she is still in learning procedure then how to keep her young and gorgeous.

She told that she always put sun block on her skin when she go out. She said: “To wear sunscreen and she always has me use all these really nice face creams that she didn’t have back in the day.

And that helps me so I can have clean skin. Fifteen is a hard age and for me it’s hard to use a lot of products as my skin is very sensitive,”

And for you the best sun block is Neutrogena’s Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 60 to use because it is water resistant and oil-free.

She also said that she love to go outside and play football, soccer and water tag with her friends and she really enjoy all this. And Bella also go to the gym with her brother Rem who is also a Kr av Maiga trainer.

Bella told she wants to work in the drama and actual film work. While on the comedy field she like Jennifer Lawrence.

What? Strange? We all know that Jennifer is not comedian but Bella thinks she is really very funny. She said: “that girl is hilarious! Even when she isn’t trying to be, she is so funny! I like how she is very blunt and doesn’t care what people have to say and I really like her!”

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