DIY Coffee Beans Scrub for the body skin.

A DIY Coffee

A DIY Coffee

For more glowing skin in this spring season you defiantly need a dry skin mask that will works on it give
you stunning and fresh skin.

“I’m a huge fan of coffee grounds, and not just for your morning cup, but for your body as well,” Jessica
said “The caffeine can help diminish the appearance of cellulite, and the coconut oil will hydrate and
smooth your skin to perfection” who is the founder of eco beauty brand LaLicious.

For dry mask of you face you should follow these instruction:


1 cup coffee grounds

1/2 cup white or brown sugar

1 cup coconut oil

Direction for Mask:

You should mix this entire ingredient in first attempt and then after mixing this all you should apply this
mask on the wet skin. And before applying this you will wash your hairs and body.

This mask will work as to hydrate your skin. Put this mask on the skin then scrub it after that rinse it with
warm water.

Now your skin is ready for the glow and for baring all the warmth of the weather. So you defiantly needs
to try this simple but effectuates tip on your skin as a dry mask.

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