Easy Treatments for Dark Lips

beautiful lips

beautiful lips

Excess use of low standard lip stick can permanently darken your lips. Because there is harsh chemicals in the cosmetics affect the lips color. But following these things you must lighten your lips darkness.

Don’t use lip sticks:
The regularly use of lipsticks increases the darkness of lipsticks so first you should avoid to using this.

Use of lime and honey:
Mixture of lime, honey and glycerin is the best thing o moisturizes the lips. Use it daily until you’ll get considerable results.

Avoid the sun raises:
Daily use the sunscreens to cover your lips from sun raises because it can increase the pigmentation of your lips and make them darker.

Avoid other skin darkeners:
Tea, coffee and Cigarettes are also skin darkeners so u should avoid these to control your lips color.

Moisturize the lips:
You should use natural lips moisturizer like butter, cream to lighten your lips. You can also use Vaseline for this purpose.  A thick layer of one of them- whole night will protect your lips and give you very fresh and soft lips in the morning.


Use of lemon:
Lemon is very common for the skin-lightening. Paste of lemon juice, graham flour, yogurt, and honey will be very helpful for it. Put it on your lips, rub it, and leave it for half n hour then wash it.

Consult a physician:
If you are still facing this problem then make an appointment with a skin specialist and consult with him or her.

Written by: Sophia Brooke

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