Spring 2013: Some Things to Try In This Season

beauty guide

beauty guide

Spring Here…
Spring season is comes with lots of colors and surprises and also includes some new fashions and trends which make our personality more beautiful and charming.

Every woman wants to look prettier than anyone else that’s why everyone tries these new fashions and trends to make herself beautiful than ever. Here we share some latest and beautiful trends which you can easily carry in this spring to make your season more beautiful and colorful.
Follow these…

Spring Beauty

Faux Bob:
It’s very easy and stylish way to carry your hairs in this season and it will defiantly boost your personality. Curl your hair and pin it on the side. Let feels the air of spring on your neck easily and directly.

Coral Color:
Its colorful season we all knows so why should we all put all that old colors on lips. It’s the time to try colors like coral on the lips so we can defiantly feel the life more charming. Use this coral lips with colorful dresses and make your new way.

Thick Lashes:
Make your lashes thick and increase the volume of them by putting lots of mascara on it. Use flat type brush with ball tip it will defiantly increase the volume of lashes as well as lifting them.

Emerald Shadow:
If you didn’t wants to wear green colored dresses so must try it on your eye lids. It will surprise you and others. Put the bold Emerald eye shadow with no color on lips and it will work for you.

Sleek Bangs:
Another thing which you can try and carry easily is the silky sleek hairs by giving them wet look. And for this look you can try many products but straight hairs are very gorgeous and suits everyone.
No Nail Art:
No doubt it is very easy to put any nail art on your nails but that feeling which comes from a single color nail didn’t comes from any art. So must try just simply golden color nails in this spring.

Side fishtails is also another way to carry your hairs with different style. Put you tail on the side of your shoulder.
Rosy Blush on:
Rose color or coral is two very soft and pretty colors to put on your chicks. It will give you soft and fresh look.

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