Things: About Jennifer Aniston’s Oscar Look

Jennifer Aniston Beauty

Jennifer Aniston’s Oscar look was so pretty, gorgeous and amazing. But for getting this look she didn’t work so hard and also not apply so many things on herself.

She stuns in the red Valentino gown along with simple make up and straight, shiny hair bangs. She was looking so beautiful with her fiancé Justin Theroux and also putting a valuable smile on her lovely face.

She said: “Oscars Sunday was relaxed with a lot of laughter and support. Jen was comfortable and excited! She had a red dress so I thought a heavy eye was not right; I wanted everything simplified, fresh, young and classy,”

Her skin was very shiny and beautiful: “Glowing skin happens when you have a gorgeous boyfriend who loves you! Water and sleep are crucial, too. I know Jen uses Aveeno Daily Scrub, as well.”

Jennifer Aniston Oscar

According to beauty experts if we wore any color dress we must have to chose the makeup, while if we wore any white or black dress, we can easily carry any kind of make up with them: “White and black [dresses] you can do anything with your makeup, but a colored dress changes everything.”

So what do you think about this so easy and defiantly stunning and gorgeous looks of Jennifer???

Written by: Sophia Brooke

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