Tips to use in this summer

use in this summer

use in this summer

Our skin and body needs more care in the hot weather. So did not neglect and take good care of your health and skin as well.

Many skin and hair problems occur in this season which are very bad and lose many beauty things from us. If we care our self and save the skin from the effects of the skin we can easily reduce the damages of the sun raises and hot air.

Wash the Face:

In the summer season wash your face for three or four rimes minimum because the oil glands become more active in the summer.

Wear Sunscreen:

Sunscreen is also very important for this summer. It helps to prevent the skin from the sharp UV raises, which damages our skin badly. Never forget to apply the sunscreen on the uncovered parts of your body before going outside.


Try cool and mild effect facials in the hot season it will up lift the skin and look fresher even in the warm and hot air.

Apply Masks:

Masks are also very important for the skin. It glows the skin and make it more shinny. Use different food as the mask of your face all the nutrition ingredient of the fruits must help your skin.

Pedicure and manicure:

Pedi and manicures are also important in the summer otherwise our skin damages and breaking off.


Aloevera help to hydrate the skin and hairs. So apply more quantity of Aloevera serum to your skin and hairs.

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