Try Tie Posh Ponytail on your hair.

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Make a Tie Posh Ponytail…

As we all knows that side swept hair is in and trendy on the SAG nights but it is a difficult thing to make and carry but we have another idea do make a Ponytail with elastic band and then leave it on the side of your shoulder.

It defiantly works and gave you a trendy look. Two stunning and beautiful actresses Kerry Washington and Claire Danes shows off their bare shoulders and on the hair they didn’t do any effort seriously and carry very easy posh ponytail.

To also carry this style you can do it very easily by yourself.

Pick your hairs and tie them in lose ponytail but also elastic them. And give more style to it by picking some hairs and wrap it around where you tied a pony and don’t forget to pin it with bobby pins.

Then spray you work with a good and branded hair spray and then you are ready to go outside for any of you occasion.

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