Worried about your Eye shadow??? Follow these tips…

Eye shadow

Eye shadow

Women who are worried about their eye shadow must follow this way to make your eye shadow last longer till whole night as well as for a long period of time.

These two easy STEPS for make it long lasting:
1: On your lid, folded area and on lower lash line, First apply the cream shadow.
2: Then put the layer of the powder shadow on the top of the cream shadow and also give a quick hit on the counter top to make sure that all the excess powder is lose from brush.

This is the easy way to retain your eye shadow for the long period of time. If you just use the cream eye shadow then it will pass through your folding area.  And if you just use powder shadow, it‘ll most likely dissolve with your own eye lid oils and become lighter as the time goes on.
But when you’ll use cream eye shadow along with powder eye shadow it’ll create a magic on your eyes… So must try it and enjoy a stunning look…


Written by: Daniel Nilson

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