How we can get rid of from dandruff?



Hair dandruff is a big problem for boys and girls. It makes our personality down. Everybody wants soft, shining and beautiful hair which attract to others. But sometimes dandruff gives us worry. Everyone wants to get rid of it. If you have same problem then here we are telling you few natural ways, how you can get rid of dandruff.
1) First of all put a little bit of baby powder onto the scalp & utilize a tiny toothed comb to comb the dandruff out.
2) Then put butter all over your hair then cover it is any good soap & blow dry after a little minutes wash.
3) If you have no more time for full shower then just wash your hairs daily.
4) Do not itch your scalp. It will only build it increase to other parts of your hair.
5) Vinegar is very beneficial for our lots of work. Clean your comb or brush daily with vinegar.
6) You should use any imported anti-dandruff shampoo.
7) Wash your hair with tea tree oil shampoo & make it dry immediately afterwards.
8) When you use any shampoo then try to add some drops of lemon. It will finish your dandruff soon.
If you will follow these tips then you will get rid off from dandruff. These tips are natural tips and it will always give you positive result and make your hair very beautiful.

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How we can get rid of blackheads?



Blackheads are a big problem for girls. It is not good for women. Blackheads can create problems for women. If you have blackheads then you should be very conscious about it because it could be dangerous for future. If you will control it in starting stage then it could be finish soon. If you will not care then it could be risky. If you are worry about your blackheads then here we are telling you some best natural tips, how you can get rid of black heads.
1) First of all you should cleanse your skin two or three times in a day.
2) Mostly women wash their face with soap two or three times in a day which is not good. If you will use soap too much then it will make your skin tougher.
3) Wash your face three or four times in a day with cold water.
4) If your skin is also dry then you should take one spoon vinegar and add in it few quantity of lemon then with the help of cotton piece rub on your t-zone, nose, chin and cheeks. It will clean your blackheads and make your skin soft and shiny.
If you will follow these tips then you will get rid of blackheads because these tips are very beneficial and effective for you. We all know natural products always give us positive result but slowly. We can also finish our blackheads very fast through heavy beauty creams. But these expensive creams give sometimes negative effects in future because these creams are making with a chemical that’s why it could be dangerous for us. But natural products always give us positive result.

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Tips to use in this summer

use in this summer

use in this summer

Our skin and body needs more care in the hot weather. So did not neglect and take good care of your health and skin as well.

Many skin and hair problems occur in this season which are very bad and lose many beauty things from us. If we care our self and save the skin from the effects of the skin we can easily reduce the damages of the sun raises and hot air.

Wash the Face:

In the summer season wash your face for three or four rimes minimum because the oil glands become more active in the summer.

Wear Sunscreen:

Sunscreen is also very important for this summer. It helps to prevent the skin from the sharp UV raises, which damages our skin badly. Never forget to apply the sunscreen on the uncovered parts of your body before going outside.


Try cool and mild effect facials in the hot season it will up lift the skin and look fresher even in the warm and hot air.

Apply Masks:

Masks are also very important for the skin. It glows the skin and make it more shinny. Use different food as the mask of your face all the nutrition ingredient of the fruits must help your skin.

Pedicure and manicure:

Pedi and manicures are also important in the summer otherwise our skin damages and breaking off.


Aloevera help to hydrate the skin and hairs. So apply more quantity of Aloevera serum to your skin and hairs.

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Water is how mush important for our body structure?

water health

water health

Do you know our blood is 83% water, muscles are 75% water, your brain is 74% water, and your bones are 22% water? Beside all these in fact our weight consist 2/3 of water. So can you imagine how much water is important for anybody in the earth?

Our body stricter is totally based on water so if we did not use it in good amount our body structure damaged.

If we didn’t use water which our body needs the most we face the problem of dehydration which cause many other serious medical problems.

We lose the water mostly in two ways that is sweating or urinating so that time our body needs that quantity of water back. So when we drink water our inner system and our organs run very smoothly and work the best.


For the beauty water have no alternate. Water helps to moisturize our skin, glows our skin and we looks more healthy and fresh with the help of water. Without water use skin become dry and rough which cause wrinkles and lines on the face. Water hydrates our skin and hydrated skin looks younger as it is plumper.

Weight Lose:

Water also helps for the losing weight of our body.  Researchers report that water helps to lose weight by boosting your metabolism rate, thus paving way for quick weight loss. Also make the habit of drink water 15 minutes before having your meal.

Fluid Retention:

our body did not works smoothly until we did not take the required amount of water, without this our body starts paining in different ways like backaches, headaches and other muscles problems.

Digestive System:

Our body’s digestive system goes out of order when we did not take the water. It smoothes the system and it also helps to prevent our body from colon cancer.

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Health and Beauty Tips for Women.

buauty tips

buauty tips

Women are so busy in now a days and no one have enough time look after themselves. But there is a
wish inside every lady that she wants to look beautiful and attractive. So we are sharing with you some
tips about your health and beauty.

By these simple ways you can look healthy and beautiful very easily. These tips are very easy and by
adding these tips in our routine we can easily make them our habit.

1. Every woman should do exercise no matters she is fat or slim but with the help of different
exercises our body feels relax and stress relief. She can easily do these exercises at her home
and if she is a working women then also should do these exercises at office if no one is around
2. If you are working lady then do not eat the food of restaurants. These foods are not hygienic
and good for long time usage. At this place you may pack the food from your home and bring it
with you at your office it is also save your money and keeps you looking healthy and attractive.
3. You do not need to feel any stress on little things and so you should feel relax and try to relief all
the a stress and if you do not do this it may be cause of the wrinkles and black heads and leave
bad effects on your face.
4. Use a lot of water daily because our body needs water in big quantity so a physician advice to
take approx 8 glass of water in one day. It also regulate the digestive system and fresh the skin
and body.
5. Eat multivitamins regularly it also fulfills the quantity of vitamins that your body needs and make
you more beautiful and attractive.

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Natural ways: To keeps your skin Healthy.

natural way for skin

natural way for skin

Every person wants to improve the beauty of her skin and body.

Healthy and fresh skin appeals to every person. That’s why it is the first priority of everyone to look stunning and pretty.

There are many natural ways to get the admiring result. If we make our routine to trying these natural habits then it will not be difficult for us to carry on them. These natural tips give us many positive results but somehow if they didn’t show any positive result then does not leave any side effects in place.

Drink Water:

Water is the main element of our body, in fact our whole weight consist on the water. So we should maintain the handsome amount of water in our body it is very necessary for our health and skin.

Doctors and experts advise us to take minimum 8 glasses of the water in one day. It will help the digestive system to work properly and all the acids of the body clean up with the help of this water.

Balance the diet:

Our diet is also play very big role in our health. If one person didn’t take his proper diet then his health and skin didn’t work properly. So if you are wishing to get natural and log lasting beauty then must balance your diet. Take the good amount of all vitamins.

For balance diet we make sure this thing that all the important ingredient are available in it like Carbohydrates,  Proteins, Calcium,  Fiber and vitamin A, B, C, D & E.

Weather Effects:

The weather also leaves great effects on the skin. All the cold and warm winds affect the skin very badly some times. So we should take good care of our skin according to the weather requirements.

In summer the sun rays burns the skin whereas in winter the skin becomes dry, coarse & rough. For protect your skin from the sun raises must apply sun screen lotions before stepping outside. And to cure your skin roughness in the winter you should use moisturizing creams and lotions according to the need of your skin.

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DIY Coffee Beans Scrub for the body skin.

A DIY Coffee

A DIY Coffee

For more glowing skin in this spring season you defiantly need a dry skin mask that will works on it give
you stunning and fresh skin.

“I’m a huge fan of coffee grounds, and not just for your morning cup, but for your body as well,” Jessica
said “The caffeine can help diminish the appearance of cellulite, and the coconut oil will hydrate and
smooth your skin to perfection” who is the founder of eco beauty brand LaLicious.

For dry mask of you face you should follow these instruction:


1 cup coffee grounds

1/2 cup white or brown sugar

1 cup coconut oil

Direction for Mask:

You should mix this entire ingredient in first attempt and then after mixing this all you should apply this
mask on the wet skin. And before applying this you will wash your hairs and body.

This mask will work as to hydrate your skin. Put this mask on the skin then scrub it after that rinse it with
warm water.

Now your skin is ready for the glow and for baring all the warmth of the weather. So you defiantly needs
to try this simple but effectuates tip on your skin as a dry mask.

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Behind reasons of Bella Thorne’s pretty face…

Bella Thorne’s pretty face

Bella Thorne’s pretty face

Bella Thorne is in her teen age but still she is very pretty and gorgeous.

What is the reason? Yes she always follows the instruction which her mother gives her. So she is still in learning procedure then how to keep her young and gorgeous.

She told that she always put sun block on her skin when she go out. She said: “To wear sunscreen and she always has me use all these really nice face creams that she didn’t have back in the day.

And that helps me so I can have clean skin. Fifteen is a hard age and for me it’s hard to use a lot of products as my skin is very sensitive,”

And for you the best sun block is Neutrogena’s Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 60 to use because it is water resistant and oil-free.

She also said that she love to go outside and play football, soccer and water tag with her friends and she really enjoy all this. And Bella also go to the gym with her brother Rem who is also a Kr av Maiga trainer.

Bella told she wants to work in the drama and actual film work. While on the comedy field she like Jennifer Lawrence.

What? Strange? We all know that Jennifer is not comedian but Bella thinks she is really very funny. She said: “that girl is hilarious! Even when she isn’t trying to be, she is so funny! I like how she is very blunt and doesn’t care what people have to say and I really like her!”

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Beauty Tips about your skin and beauty products.

hair and skin care

hair and skin care

Every woman even man wants to look prettier than other. So it is not so difficult but we should make a daily basis routine to done our beauty tips so it will make a good and healthy difference for your body skin and eyes.

We are sharing some simple and healthy tips which fulfill your wish to look beautiful and gorgeous.


1: Foundation for Skin:

Everyone when goes for buying a foundation, check it on putting on the back side of hand and match with skin, but when we put the same foundation on face it doesn’t match. So that’s why we should match the color of foundation with face color or put on the chin area.

2: Irritation of After Shaving:

When we shaved our skin we suffers the redness and irritation on that part so there is the tip, when you go for shaving stand for few minutes under warm water shower that follicles the hairs and its become easy to remove them from skin.

3: Expand the Thinly Lips:

To make your lips bigger shape try light colored lip liner and put on your lips and put your lipstick inside the liner so it will give you beautiful shape and look. It will also show and make you lip look thicker.

4: Alternate Pedicure:

If you don’t want to go for some sessions of your pedicure treatment then try the pumice stone and it will work and clean you foot from dead skin, and make healthy and prettier look.  After scrubbing the feet apply some moisturizer on your foot and before going outside apply sun block.

skin care

5: Soft Skin:

To keep the moisturizing level of your skin stable you must apply some good moisturizer on your face skin right after having the shower. When we take a bath our natural oil was removed from skin and skin looks dehydrated and dry so never forget to put moisturizer to give soft look.

6: Greasy Scalps:

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Try Tie Posh Ponytail on your hair.

beauty tips
Make a Tie Posh Ponytail…

As we all knows that side swept hair is in and trendy on the SAG nights but it is a difficult thing to make and carry but we have another idea do make a Ponytail with elastic band and then leave it on the side of your shoulder.

It defiantly works and gave you a trendy look. Two stunning and beautiful actresses Kerry Washington and Claire Danes shows off their bare shoulders and on the hair they didn’t do any effort seriously and carry very easy posh ponytail.

To also carry this style you can do it very easily by yourself.

Pick your hairs and tie them in lose ponytail but also elastic them. And give more style to it by picking some hairs and wrap it around where you tied a pony and don’t forget to pin it with bobby pins.

Then spray you work with a good and branded hair spray and then you are ready to go outside for any of you occasion.

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