Spring 2013: Some Things to Try In This Season

beauty guide

beauty guide

Spring Here…
Spring season is comes with lots of colors and surprises and also includes some new fashions and trends which make our personality more beautiful and charming.

Every woman wants to look prettier than anyone else that’s why everyone tries these new fashions and trends to make herself beautiful than ever. Here we share some latest and beautiful trends which you can easily carry in this spring to make your season more beautiful and colorful.
Follow these…

Spring Beauty

Faux Bob:
It’s very easy and stylish way to carry your hairs in this season and it will defiantly boost your personality. Curl your hair and pin it on the side. Let feels the air of spring on your neck easily and directly.

Coral Color:
Its colorful season we all knows so why should we all put all that old colors on lips. It’s the time to try colors like coral on the lips so we can defiantly feel the life more charming. Use this coral lips with colorful dresses and make your new way.

Thick Lashes:
Make your lashes thick and increase the volume of them by putting lots of mascara on it. Use flat type brush with ball tip it will defiantly increase the volume of lashes as well as lifting them.

Emerald Shadow:
If you didn’t wants to wear green colored dresses so must try it on your eye lids. It will surprise you and others. Put the bold Emerald eye shadow with no color on lips and it will work for you.

Sleek Bangs:
Another thing which you can try and carry easily is the silky sleek hairs by giving them wet look. And for this look you can try many products but straight hairs are very gorgeous and suits everyone.
No Nail Art:
No doubt it is very easy to put any nail art on your nails but that feeling which comes from a single color nail didn’t comes from any art. So must try just simply golden color nails in this spring.

Side fishtails is also another way to carry your hairs with different style. Put you tail on the side of your shoulder.
Rosy Blush on:
Rose color or coral is two very soft and pretty colors to put on your chicks. It will give you soft and fresh look.

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Things: About Jennifer Aniston’s Oscar Look

Jennifer Aniston Beauty

Jennifer Aniston’s Oscar look was so pretty, gorgeous and amazing. But for getting this look she didn’t work so hard and also not apply so many things on herself.

She stuns in the red Valentino gown along with simple make up and straight, shiny hair bangs. She was looking so beautiful with her fiancé Justin Theroux and also putting a valuable smile on her lovely face.

She said: “Oscars Sunday was relaxed with a lot of laughter and support. Jen was comfortable and excited! She had a red dress so I thought a heavy eye was not right; I wanted everything simplified, fresh, young and classy,”

Her skin was very shiny and beautiful: “Glowing skin happens when you have a gorgeous boyfriend who loves you! Water and sleep are crucial, too. I know Jen uses Aveeno Daily Scrub, as well.”

Jennifer Aniston Oscar

According to beauty experts if we wore any color dress we must have to chose the makeup, while if we wore any white or black dress, we can easily carry any kind of make up with them: “White and black [dresses] you can do anything with your makeup, but a colored dress changes everything.”

So what do you think about this so easy and defiantly stunning and gorgeous looks of Jennifer???

Written by: Sophia Brooke

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Valentine’s Makeup Looks 2013

Mysterious Look

Valentine is coming with lots of fun and enjoyment. Everyone is trying to get more fun and experience new things. Do you also want to look more gorgeous and hot on this coming valentine date??? Try these gorgeous and stunning looks and choose the best one ever.

You need some basic makeup products to get one of the following look. Products are sheer lip gloss, bright colored lipstick, foundation, blush, eyeliner and mascara. Use these things and choose one of your most perfect look which is suitable to your skin and circumstances and enjoy a lovely Valentine Day with your man.

Seductress looks:

Seductress looks

Are you that type of lady who wants sexier looks but classic as well? You can do this very easily by choosing finely make winged eye liner on your eye lid and vampy and bold lips makeup. Get perfect skin look by applying some suitable color foundation and then eye definition with brush line across the eye lashes. Also add soft peach color blush on intentionally on the cheekbones. In last finish your make over with the red vampy lipstick and make your man more falls in love with you at first glance.

Romantic Makeover:

Romantic Makeover

Want natural, innocent and girly look? You defiantly try the pink-based makeup. You can use large variety of pink-based makeup suitable to your skin tone. First apply a lightweight foundation, blend two shades of pink eye shadow on your eyelids. Put light pink shade around the corners of the lid with the pink into the crease and outer corner of the eyes to give the eyes fine finishing. Put mascara on upper and lower lashes. For lip color choose berry pink.  In last, apply pink blush on your chicks and enjoy the stunning looks with classy style.

Mysterious Look:

Mysterious Look

If you’re wishing some sultry, mysterious Smokey eye makeup that creates an unforgettable piercing gaze and you are also arranging and deciding a candle light dinner then you are wishing awesome looks. Add depth to your looks with metallic, earth tones and also use kohl eye liner apply on upper eyelashes , intensely mascara coated eyelashes with beautifully made chicks with blush on. It all will make you gorgeous and stunning with a huge difference. In the last add sheer lip gloss for finishing your look and enjoy a memorable date and day. Try it today and choose best one for your very important day.

Written by: Lily Markson

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Katy Perry: How’s She Stay in Shape?

katy perry exercising

katy perry exercising

The gorgeous Katy Perry is famous for her tight-figure-hugging dresses and lovely super shorts.

She told last time that she loves fast food with McDonald’s chicken nuggets and she just live with it but whenever there is a big red carpet event she adopts strict diet for her smart looks.

Katy explained more “When we unequivocally need to whip my physique in to figure for the large opening or event, we cut out as most sugar, bread as well as pasta as we can as well as barter fizzy drinks as well as juices for H2O with the lurch of lemon,”

Katy tells that she is living actively and also follows active life style. She also said that sometimes she avoid her favorite food to maintain the shape of her body.

Katy also increase her exercise timings, she increases “I try to practice 3 to 4 times the week and, upon days when I’m not working, we do the unequivocally fun wake up similar to hiking, I additionally adore Soul Cycling, that is the turn category with high-energy coaching as well as fun, upbeat music”.

Written by: Sophia Brooke

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Tips To Start a Healthy Year



New Year is comes, to giving us new things to do. You also started to break your new year’s resolutions.  We are telling you some tips to help out you for achieving your goals and gave better ideas to improve the standard of living with a healthy life.

1: Create your broader vision:
Want to start a wonderful piece of time? First you visualize your ideas. Then think about it most of time and make an image in your mind. Think about those things which inspired you to do great things in your life. Allow your create images to arouse your dreams.

2: Must take a yoga exercise daily:
Doesn’t matter that you are experiencing which type of yoga, things matter that you are doing it!! You should try Hot Yoga, Soul Cycle, or hybrid yoga, whichever you like or whichever you feel good.

3: Make your work schedules:
As like business meeting, work appointments or scheduling soccer practice for your child, your body is also very important so make it your priority as other things and must clear some time for it
Many online yoga classes and practices are available you should start any of one suitable to you. Many of them are absolutely free of cost you should take advantage of it. So manage and pre-decide your all of things to do.

4: Water:
Water is very necessary for your health as we all knows. So don’t forget to take at least two liters of water DAILY. Your body is actually dehydrated when you feel hungry so you should hydrate your body with it.

5: Protein in the morning:
Dieting is very dangerous for your health. You want to lose weight and also shape up your body, so you should eat a healthy food contain good quantity of protein, especially in the morning time.

Written by: Sophia Brooke

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Foods necessary for Healthy and Glowing Face

girl eating fruits

Every person wants fresh, glowing and beautiful skin. To fulfill your wish you should must use some certain foods that‘ll keep your skin fresh and glowing. These foods are the best to eat and some are best to put on your face for your desiring results. Once you start to eat nutrients your skin will must show very healthy results. We are telling you about those foods which are rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals. And these foods are very necessary to improve your skin and leaving it healthy and glowing that you dream…

girl eating fruits

Eat these to Nourish Your Skin:-

Foods contain Vitamin C:
These things are rich in Vitamin C necessary to keep your skin healthy and glowing, like as citrus fruits, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, and dark leafy greens.

Foods contain Vitamin E:
Foods which contain Vitamin E are also very good for skin nutrition. Such as vegetable oils, nuts (especially almonds), seeds, olives, spinach, and asparagus.

Calcium-rich Foods:
Milk, cheese, and yogurt are very good for things that provide a handsome amount of Calcium to your skin. Daily utilize of these things are good for your skin it will retain the freshness of your skin.

Natural Foods:
Avocados, pomegranates, kale, fish oil, flaxseed oil, and soy products are those which are very healthy and effective for face skin.

Mango Fruit:
Mango contains aging that helps to prevent the skin from rashing. It is best for your skin complexion.

Riboflavin (vitamin B2):
Mushrooms are filled with riboflavin (vitamin B2) which repairs the damage tissues of your facial skin. It contains crucial ingredient which cure the damaged and wounded skin.

Avoid Oily and Greasy Food:
You should avoid the oily and greasy food because it’ll provide oil to your skin instead of nourishing it.

Put it in Your Face for Feeding the Skin:-

girl face cleansing

For Smoothing the Skin:
Make a paste with banana, oatmeal, honey, and yogurt. Banana moisturize the skin, oats helps to cleans the skin and honey adds extra moisturize to your skin and yogurt improve the healthy skin and rid of the dead sale layer. Leave this paste on your skin for half n hour and rinse it with cool water.

Potato Slices:
If your face is tired so you need to put the potato slices on your face and get cure from puffiness.

Avocados and yogurt:
Reduce the heat and depression of your face skin by the mixture of avocados and yogurt. Get a healthy and cool look from it.

Cleansing of Skin:
Try the blend of pumpkins, yogurt, honey, and pumpkin pie spice. Pumpkin is rich ingredient of vitamins A, C, and E. That’s why it fights with wrinkles as well as cleanse the skin. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes then rinse it off.

Written by: Daniel Nilson

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Easy Treatments for Dark Lips

beautiful lips

beautiful lips

Excess use of low standard lip stick can permanently darken your lips. Because there is harsh chemicals in the cosmetics affect the lips color. But following these things you must lighten your lips darkness.

Don’t use lip sticks:
The regularly use of lipsticks increases the darkness of lipsticks so first you should avoid to using this.

Use of lime and honey:
Mixture of lime, honey and glycerin is the best thing o moisturizes the lips. Use it daily until you’ll get considerable results.

Avoid the sun raises:
Daily use the sunscreens to cover your lips from sun raises because it can increase the pigmentation of your lips and make them darker.

Avoid other skin darkeners:
Tea, coffee and Cigarettes are also skin darkeners so u should avoid these to control your lips color.

Moisturize the lips:
You should use natural lips moisturizer like butter, cream to lighten your lips. You can also use Vaseline for this purpose.  A thick layer of one of them- whole night will protect your lips and give you very fresh and soft lips in the morning.


Use of lemon:
Lemon is very common for the skin-lightening. Paste of lemon juice, graham flour, yogurt, and honey will be very helpful for it. Put it on your lips, rub it, and leave it for half n hour then wash it.

Consult a physician:
If you are still facing this problem then make an appointment with a skin specialist and consult with him or her.

Written by: Sophia Brooke

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Skin Tips… How to Control and Cure the Pimples?

fresh skin

Facing the problem of pimples? We are telling you some tips for controlling and curing your face pimples. By using these things you will surely control the pimples from growing.

fresh skin

Knowledge about your skin type:
You should know about the type of your skin rather it is oily? Dry? Or combination? Because when you know about the skin type you select the best thing for the treatment of your pimples.

Right face wash:
Choose the right face wash that is suitable to your skin and cleanse the skin deeply. Face wash contains benzoyl peroxide.

Avoid touching your face:
When you touch your face during the day, the oil and dirt of your finger make worse of your pimples. So keep yourself avoid from touching the face otherwise it‘ll be harder to control pimples.

Pull away your hair from face:
The natural oil of your hair increases the pimples on your face. So put your hairs in hair bands and ponytails.  So your hair isn’t lying on your forehead.

Check your pillow daily:
The usage of perfumed detergents can cause the increase in pimples so check your detergent firstly and also change your pillow on daily basis. Sleep on clean cotton pillows case it will help you to control your pimples and also hasn’t been exposed to the oils and bacteria from your face.


Try these remedies at your home:
Lemon with coconut oil; mix these two ingredients, spread on your face with a cotton pad, and leave it for 15 minutes; then rinse off.
•    Toothpaste is also a best remedy for your pimples; leave it for 10 minutes, then wash off. Don’t use gel-formula toothpaste on your skin.
•    Combine the lemon juice and a crushed aspirin tablet in a small bowl. Put on pimples with cotton and leave overnight.
•    Use baby shampoo for washing your face to dry pimples and the nearby areas.
•    Use to drink the apple cider vinegar daily
•    In the morning daily use the aloe Vera gel.

Written by: Sophia Brooke

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Worried about your Eye shadow??? Follow these tips…

Eye shadow

Eye shadow

Women who are worried about their eye shadow must follow this way to make your eye shadow last longer till whole night as well as for a long period of time.

These two easy STEPS for make it long lasting:
1: On your lid, folded area and on lower lash line, First apply the cream shadow.
2: Then put the layer of the powder shadow on the top of the cream shadow and also give a quick hit on the counter top to make sure that all the excess powder is lose from brush.

This is the easy way to retain your eye shadow for the long period of time. If you just use the cream eye shadow then it will pass through your folding area.  And if you just use powder shadow, it‘ll most likely dissolve with your own eye lid oils and become lighter as the time goes on.
But when you’ll use cream eye shadow along with powder eye shadow it’ll create a magic on your eyes… So must try it and enjoy a stunning look…


Written by: Daniel Nilson

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