Justin Bieber Share Cartoon Insatgram

Justin Bieber Share Cartoon Insatgram

Justin Bieber is with his Belieber.

This is not really happens but two cartoon characters represents this. And for recognition the text terms are also mentioned on the characters. A shirtless guy was mentioned as Justin who is on the bed with a shirt? No with a girl calls as Belieber.

Just last day he also posts his picture which are also shirtless posing in a mirror and that was a self shot in the gym.

He captioned the picture: “Uh oh @justinbieber is losing it taking shirtless pics in the mirror,”. His tattoos was also prominent in the picture.

On April 12, Justin visits the Anne Frank house to give her a tribute. And he also wrote in her diary “Truly inspiring to be able to come here,” he wrote. “Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

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Rihanna cancelled her one more show due to illness

Rihanna is not well that’s why she is not able to come and perform in front of the public.

On Monday 15 April the singer also canceled her show relating to her Diamond Tour in Houston, Texas to illness.

rihanna concert

The 25 years old singer is not well and due to her illness she didn’t wants to perform. Live Nation also confirms this news and give the statement that singer is not able to make fun and perform due to illness.

And this thing was told to all that peoples who are willing to come at the concert, that they must kept their tickets because this concert will be reschedule.

In the previous moth she also cancelled two concerts also for illness and apologizes with her fans in very merciful words: “This is the hardest thing for me to deal with! I feel like we’ve been waiting on this day forever, and I’m hurt that I let you down. I hate disappointing people that never ever let me down!! I’m so embarrassed about this! Thank you for your prayers and well wishes!”

She is also following her date of concert at Dallas, Texas on April 16. And she didn’t give any statement about her recent cancellation.

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Lady Gaga is walking again after recovering from hip surgery.

Lady gaga walking
Lady Gaga is back in her forum.

Yes after the hips surgery now she is alright and walking on her feet without any disturbance and stick.

Gaga was standing on her will power almost six weeks before she go under the cut on operation table
for hip surgery, And this surgery also delays and stop the Lady Gaga’s tour due to injury.

She fights very much to took back herself to a healthy condition and now she get success in all her
struggles. The 28 years old singer was heading to her yoga class after feeling better and thinks no more
to spend time on wheel chair.

And shoes were also good and didn’t damage the style of this beauty queen. She was wearing black
pumps along with fur coat and workout leggings, en route to yoga.

Whatever the situation Lady Gaga didn’t compromises on her fashion that’s why when she took surgery
she ordered to designer to made a gold platted wheel chair for her and with the help of that chair she
can survive easily and keeps her fashion ups.

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Justin Bieber makes April fool to TMZ

Justin Bieber April Fool

Justin Bieber alerts TMZ to stop following him by giving a good joke to them.

Justin makes fool to TMZ we think because the website is chasing the Canadian singer from all his bad lucks.

Bieber took tweeter a said “As promised taking all fan phone calls TODAY at (888) 847 9869. Talk to u soon!” to his 37 million followers. And this is such a hilarious thing for the entire public singer but a alert to stop following to TMZ website.

Because the number that was tweets by Bieber was not his, in fact this number was TMZ’s tip line.

Bieber did another post for continuing his joke and wrote: “Did everyone call me yet?” and this thing become so rigid when TMZ bear all the bills of the coming calls because the number is toll free.
But after that he deleted his post but caught by the TMZ insider.
TMZ reporter Dax Holt tweets and response the joke of Bieber and said: “Best April fools joke goes 2 @JustinBieber. He tweeted out TMZs phone # saying he would be taking fan calls. Well played Bieber, well played. “The phones here at TMZ won’t stop ringing!!#BieberAprilFoolsJoke LOL! So funny.”

Right this joke is so funny for all and a very good April fool.

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Taylor Swift & Pat Monahan perform “Drive By” together


Taylor Swift and Pat Monahan from the Band “Train” join for the concert performance.

Taylor surprises her New Jersey’s fans by joining the Pat.
The duo perform the Train band’s hit song “Drive By” together on Friday night at Taylor’s Newark concert March 29.

The 23 years old singer proudly tweets about her coming performance on Friday Night: “Tonight Pat Monahan from Train showed up to sing ‘Drive By’ with us!! One of my favorite singers, and favorite songs, Newark was a PARTY.”

On the Taylor’s Red Tour this is not the first singer who holds the hands with Taylor Swift as a surprise guest for performance at her concert. Before Pat Monahan, Neon Trees and Tyler Glenn also joined Taylor Swift on the same concert in Newark.

While Nelly joined “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” singer last week on her St. Louis concert. She is on the Red tour around the country. It is a highly anticipated tour by Taylor Swift.

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Britney Spear not carrying her good looks during her flight

Britney Spear

Britney Spear didn’t shows off her best looks. It looks like she was sleeping during her flight.

It is same like that she didn’t care off her looks when she is not on the red carpet. Thursday she was going out from Los Angele with her father and sons while she didn’t looking very good.

She forgets her comb at home also with her makeup accessorize. She was on her flight towards New Orleans and comes out from the plane as she is coming out from her bed room after a long sleep.

It was so weird and funny to look Britney Spear at her bad look. Her hair was twisted in each other and big sleepy eyes without any makeup.
At the same day in the morning she also stepped out towards dentist wearing sweatpants, an oversized sweater and Ugg boots.

And on the same day she appears at the airport of Los Angles for going to the New Orleans. She wore denim skinny jeans, stiletto boots, and pretty pale color short sleeved button down shirt along with her son Sean Preston’s name bracelet after some time from her visit to the dentist in the airport.

She was also carrying a pink color hand bag on her shoulder and going with her father Jamie Spears and sons Sean Preston and Jayden James with her personal security.

The former X Factor’s judge eyes was full of sleep and very heavy while she was walking towards her way. Before going to tie her plane’s seat belt she was going to eat some fast food. She was not noticing about what people thinking about her, she was just waiting in the line for taking her snakes.

So it seems it was a busy day for her.

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Lindsay Lohan didn’t come on time on second day

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan didn’t show punctuality at the second day.

At the set of Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management where the Lindsay is filming the guest spot, She was at the time on her Tuesday work shoots but on the next day she wait a lot to the producers.

A source tells that the actress is not showing her good attitude: “She is delaying shooting big time,”. But on the first day she filmed the scene of the movie and also comes on the time.

Therefore we think she deserve to do this. She wore cheerleader’s outfit a short pleated skirt and shoot the funny scene of meeting first time with character Charlie.

On the first day she was on time and do her work very well and “hit all her marks.” Therefore “Charlie and the entire crew were happy.” According to source

The 26 years old actress is also near to lock into the rehab center for 90 days and it is almost three months. That LILO is going to spend in the Rehab.
Best of luck beauty…

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Paris Hilton is latest swatting victim.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was trapped and become a victim of “swatting”.

Police sources reveal the news that they receive a prank call on Saturday at 5:22 PM PT and someone told them that there is something happens at Paris Hilton’s house.

But like old calls the caller didn’t mention armed assailants in the call. So police rush to the star’s home but soon they realize that there is nothing serious happen at Paris’s home and everything is all right excluding that prank call.

Then the investigation about that call is going on by LAPD. And one thing is still unclear that Paris is at home at the time of incident or not. But we think that she was not at home because she tweets after the incident from Miami at the end of her concert.

Before Paris Hilton the other celebrities which became the victim of swatting are Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Clint Eastwood and the Kardashians.

At the start of this month a 12 years old boy admit the swatting to Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber. He also includes that he make these calls by TTY device and his name didn’t reveal because he is very young now.

Police said: “The comments of the call advised that there were individuals inside the location with guns and explosives, and that several people had been shot,”

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Katy Perry &John Mayer break up again

Katy Perry &John Mayer

Another sweet couple breaks apart…

Yes Katy Perry and John Mayer split for second time. The couple firstly called off their relation in the August and then meets again in the September. After that they were together and dating.

A source reveals the reason of the breakup: “It’s not over until it’s over; you have to see how things play out. She’s leaving the window open. They have both been so focused on work.”

Also a friend of the couple also think its sad and weird. A month before the split news come Katy Perry wore a heart shaped ring of John Mayer. They are also dating and spending time together.

Almost two weeks before they were also hiking with their pals, while Katy also tweets about this on 2 March: “My boyfriend is taking me to a kitten shelter in his truck, I can’t think of a more perfect Saturday.”

Katy is busy in Los Angeles for recording her upcoming third studio album. While her split love was facing serious throat problems, and he also takes a throat surgery last year so now he is on the work to cure these problems. He is also on his work of date tours and Google live chat on this Thursday.

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Kristen Stewart’s mom jumps in the industry want to get more fame

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart’s mom jumps in the industry to get more famous then a star’s mom.

In fact the K-Stew’s parents are in the same industry before their daughter was born. Her father John is TV producer and also stage manager and her mom is script supervisor. And she also made a movie with “K-11” which is going to release on 15 March.

She didn’t like this thing that peoples know her with only the reference of her famous daughter. So she thinks it frustrated for her: “It’s extremely frustrating for me, because she’s 22 years old and I’m almost 60, In terms of life experience — hello! — I have it all over her. It’s not like I came out of nowhere.”

She told to the Los Angeles Times, she also feels frightened with the fame of Kristen’s mom. She said that Kristen was not born since she was working in this field, so people doesn’t think about her film that it just become possible due to Kristen.

She added: “To the world, I have no name. I am ‘Mama Stew’ — that’s what they call me, all of her zillions of fans. Or I’m Kristen’s mom; I’m famous for being her mom,” so now she is trying to get fame with her own work so people should admire her and take her as a different celebrity from her daughter.

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