Ben Affleck Will Play Batman In ‘Man Of Steel’ Sequel

Ben AffleckFamous and popular Actor and director ‘Ben Affleck’ will idol as the next Batman opposite ‘Henry Cavill’, who is reprising his character as Superman.

It will be the first time the ‘Caped Crusader’ & the ‘Man of Steel’ connect forces on the big screen… According to the Zack Snyder; actor gives a motivating counter-balance to Henry’s Superman.

Ben has the acting chops to generate a layered representation of a man who is older & wiser than Clark Kent & bears the scars of a seasoned offense warrior, but keep the charm that the globe sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne. I cannot wait to work with him.
Ever since the comedian statement that the ‘Man of Steel’ sequel will characteristic an look by fellow DC Comics staple Batman, the internet has been flooded with requirements & recommandations for which actor should next slip on the Dark Knight’s iconic mask. ‘Christian Bale’ has brushed off the plan of reprising the character himself & we bet Ben is very grateful for that… Source told that; he is the new Batman. We cannot wait to see Ben in action.

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Chris Brown Tweets ‘Love Rihanna’ Video & Disses Drake

Chris Brown Tweets

‘Chris Brown’ is getting crafty; he just dissed his nemesis Drake & sent his ex-Rihanna a love text message in one fell tweet… 21 August, Breezy confident his twitter followers to check out up & coming performer Jacquees’ song ‘Girls Love Rihanna’ which is a remix of Drake‘s ‘Girls Love Beyonce’.

Is Chris trying to tell great singer Rihanna he misses her as he goes in for Drake at the similar time?
Girls love Rihanna & it seems that so does Chris! The X songster sent a tweet about young singer Jacquees, who is known for remixing well-liked and famous artists’ songs, to his almost 13 million Twitter followers, said, ‘Check out this video on YouTube: Jacquees ‘Girls Love Rihanna.’

While Chris, 24, removed the tweet an hour later, he appeared to be trying to stir the pot a bit, given his the past with 25 Rihanna & his disdain for Drake.

Chris has been hanging out with his on-again, off-again girlfriend ‘Karrueche Tran’ many recently, so he can have been trying to send Rihanna a tactful tweet to let her know he is thinking and trying about her even though he is with Karrueche immediately.

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Wilmer Valderrama Tweets Romantic Birthday Message To Demi Lovato

Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama surely is not frightened to show ‘Demi Lovato’ how much he loves her. The ’70s Show alum sent a touching & emotional ‘Happy Birthday’ message to the singer for the whole broad world to see on her 21st birthday. Source told that William tweeted yesterday; I have been so proud of the power & promise you have gained for life, keep inspirational all us! Happy birthday my @ddlovato with & by u always…
It has been said that Demi & Wilmer have been secretly dating ever as they were spotted having a romantic and dreamy dinner together in Los Angeles on this year ‘Valentine’s Day’.

Furthermore source told; they both ordered approximately everything on the menu; however they did not touch it for approximately an hour. They watched into each other’s eyes the complete time.

Between the romantic and idealistic dinner & Wilmer’s gushing tweet, it surely seems like the ex- couple is back on or at least both should be. We told you before Wilmer proved his love and care for Demi even more by standing by her side when her 53 year old father Patrick Lovato, passed away on June 24.

Wilmer and Demi really love and respect each other’s which is rare to locate. We expect they both will make their connection official soon.

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Joe Satriani on his upcoming Unstoppable Momentum US tour



On 29 August in San Diego, CA, Joe Satriani kicks off a 48 date, 2 month visit of the united state, his most wide such trek ever. The guitar idol will be perform nearly all of the tracks from his newly released 14th solo album, Unstoppable energy, as the guitarist did on a just finished swing through Europe.

Satriani said in his recent interview; it never stops to surprise me how an album seems to take on a new sense when you begin playing it live, “Of the tracks from the new record, the wild parts got crazier & the sweeter material got sweeter. All has more punch, musically & expressively.

The band members have actually been delivering all of the nuances & the fire. Returning on keyboards & guitar is longtime Satriani group friend Mike Keneally, however the rhythm part is comprised of 2 new players in Satch’s universe, bassist Bryan Beller & drummer Marco Minnemann, who, when timetables allow, as well perform with guitarist ‘Guthrie Govan’ in the progressive rock band The Aristocrats.

Satriani said further; Marco & Bryan have been such a delight. I had not played with them before practices for the visit, but I checked out their DVDs, and I could surely say that they had all the capabilities and then a few.

And watching their short videos on’ YouTube’ was just hysterical, they are playing all of this not possible music, & yet they are smiling & having a huge time. That was positively a good pointer for me.

They had self-assurance, charisma & all of the things you’d desire when you are putting jointly a live band.

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Kim Kardashian & North West In Public: First Photo Since Birth

Kim Kardashian & North West

32 years old actress Kim Kardashian, has at last emerged, 8 weeks after giving birth to her daughter ‘North West’ on June 15… The new mother looked dazzling as she made her first civic look in 2 months, with’ Kanye West’ & baby Nori by her side.

Sporting an extra-large light blue denim shirt, Uggs, black leggings, a full-size Hermes bag as a expensive diaper bag & a new mom glow, actress Kim finally decided she was prepared to step out into the genuine world after taking protection at her house for weeks after gave birth.

In her first post-baby look, Kim Karadashia looked pleased & healthy as she walked into the doctor’s place. Source told that; Kim Karadashia will just bring child North out with her one day anywhere.

You might not see her face however that is the plan for right now. Unluckily, we did not see North’s face in the pictures, but we did notice Kanye’s lovable liking toward Kim.

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Why Robert Pattinson Will Always Love Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson Will Always Love Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart both are famous celebrity in Hollywood. Actor Robert has made it clear that he wishes to move forward by beginning a new life without his ex ‘Kristen Stewart’, source told that; he has always loved ‘Kristen Stewart’ & he always will.

Everyone remembered their first love and Robert is no exception. In spite of their distressed past, Robert has forgiven his ex-girlfriend & Twilight actress for dishonest on him, and Robert knows he will always keep in mind the good times he shared with her.

Source told that; Robert Pattinson loves Kristen Stewart and he will always love her. And now that Robert Pattinson has had some time to heal, Robert is remembering all the things and time which he loved about Kristen Stewart.

The thing that Robert Pattinson loved & accepted so much about Kristen Stewart is her skill to be completely herself & not care what others imagine. She is brave and fearless, and this is what has always enthralled Robert. Source told that further; Kristen Stewart always encouraged and confident him to be fearless.

To do something each day that frightened him. For quite sometimes, Robert Pattinson blamed himself for the end of their connection. But what Robert has learned is invaluable & he is thankful for this.

Robert has no regrets. And yes, he has forgiven Kristen Stewart, but more significantly, he has forgiven himself. It is so sad and depressing that Robert & Kristen Stewart were not capable to work things out, because Kristen Stewart seems to have brought out the best in Robert.

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Florida Georgia Line Perform ‘Cruise’ With Nelly at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards

Nelly Joins Florida Georgia

Recently on Sunday night ‘Florida Georgia Line’ performed their break hit ‘Cruise’ at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. As an additional bonus, the pair brought out rapper Nelly to sing the remixed version of the track. From the instant FGL was started to perform, they changed the stage into an excitement summer scene.

Because Brian Kelley & Tyler Hubbard stepped on stage, they were connected by their group & a host of bikini-clad girls who were prepared to dance. At the same time as FGL sang their award winning single, a campfire burned in the background & the attendance of beach balls, beach towels & scenes of the ocean reminded spectators why “Cruise”is one of the most well-liked tracks of the summer.

FGL worked the mass by jump off stage & shaky hands with admirers, who were dancing and enjoying their hearts out in the first some rows. Near the finish of the track, rapper Nelly came onstage to perform his autograph rap solo.

FGL stood on also side of him, joining in for sure parts of the song. As the group played the last chords of ‘Cruise,’ the country pair & Nelly took a few instants on stage to wave to admirers and catch their breath.

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American Idol: Amber Holcomb Announces Pregnancy


American Idol is very popular and well liked show in America. The well-liked ‘American Idol’ finalist Amber Holcomb took to Facebook to tell her pregnancy via a sonogram picture. In this hectic moment, Amber is as well facing the cruel and harsh comments of haters who are calling her music career ‘over.’

Fortunately, Amber’s not letting them put a constraint on her pleasure… Amber said via a 4 August Facebook picture of a sonogram that she is pregnant her first kid. She tagged the sonogram picture ‘Lamar D. Denson,’ who is supposedly her boyfriend & baby’s dad.

Amber is already sentiment the unkind criticism & nervous fans’ questions that come with her accidental pregnancy, but Amber is excited and happy about her reports. Singer is making the most of her surprising pregnancy, & she was rapid to stand up for herself when faced with negative power. One admirer posted a comment on her Facebook photo asking if Amber Holcomb had given up on her dream & vision.

Singer Amber posted on facebook; I’m glad…That’s all that issue in the end it is gonna be me & my kid & whoever else wishes to be there for us. I did not ask for this, but I think it a blessing or God gift… Amber tweeted; Many admirers increased anxiety about Amber’s promising career, which Amber has as well talked out about.

Few fans just fear that Amber Holcomb will have to give up her music career, however others are far more cruel! In reply to a mostly unkind hater claiming Amber career is now over.

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DJ Pauly D on Tour with Backstreet Boys: First Look! (pics)

Backstreet Boys

DJ Pauly is an American artist. He is very talented and entertaining person. His fan following is high in America. DJ Pauly D began the ‘In a World like This’ visit with the ‘Backstreet Boys’ over the weekend & it looks like he is already rock it.

The previous ‘Jersey Shore’ star & famed DJ was seen on stage throughout the starting night of the visit at Charter One Pavilion in ‘Chicago’, Illinois over the weekend.

Pauly D looked in his part, doing his autograph fist pump & sporting his ideal blowout. After all, we saw how lots of hair things or products he brought with him, so it is no shock he is looking hot…

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Queen of Selfies” Rihanna Debuts Her New Look , Photos of Riri’s Look in 2013

Rihanna Instagram

Rihanna Instagram

Rihanna is very famous and popular singer in the world. Her fan following is huge in all over the world.

She is Caribbean singer. She should be named ‘Queen of Selfies’ as this Barbados beauty loves clicking her own photos (selfies) & posting it on Instagram. Just 2 weeks after Rihanna switched to grey hairs, Rihanna altered her hairstyle yet again & now this time it is inspired by the 90s.

Rihanna hairs were black, short & the star looked usual or natural when Rihanna posted her photo on Instagram over the weekend.

It seems that the celebrity is still trying to obtain utilize to her look sans her hairs extensions that Rihanna has been carrying for a some months now as one of the photos read ‘Still tryna obtain used to my hurr, so, I threw on several #redlipstick #RiRiWoo,’ referring to Rihanna newly launched MAC lipstick, RiRi Woo, that sold out approximately right away after its launch. Rihanna as well experimented with latest styles with her hairs cut sometimes trying her hair back in a wet look & posted the photos.

The singer has always been in reports for her fashion and style sense & even ventured into style businesses. The sexy and hot Rihanna has lots of fragrances named after her ‘Secret Body Spray,’ ‘Reb’l Fleur,’ ‘Rebelle,’ & ‘Nude’.

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