Britney Spear not carrying her good looks during her flight

Britney Spear

Britney Spear didn’t shows off her best looks. It looks like she was sleeping during her flight.

It is same like that she didn’t care off her looks when she is not on the red carpet. Thursday she was going out from Los Angele with her father and sons while she didn’t looking very good.

She forgets her comb at home also with her makeup accessorize. She was on her flight towards New Orleans and comes out from the plane as she is coming out from her bed room after a long sleep.

It was so weird and funny to look Britney Spear at her bad look. Her hair was twisted in each other and big sleepy eyes without any makeup.
At the same day in the morning she also stepped out towards dentist wearing sweatpants, an oversized sweater and Ugg boots.

And on the same day she appears at the airport of Los Angles for going to the New Orleans. She wore denim skinny jeans, stiletto boots, and pretty pale color short sleeved button down shirt along with her son Sean Preston’s name bracelet after some time from her visit to the dentist in the airport.

She was also carrying a pink color hand bag on her shoulder and going with her father Jamie Spears and sons Sean Preston and Jayden James with her personal security.

The former X Factor’s judge eyes was full of sleep and very heavy while she was walking towards her way. Before going to tie her plane’s seat belt she was going to eat some fast food. She was not noticing about what people thinking about her, she was just waiting in the line for taking her snakes.

So it seems it was a busy day for her.

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