Katy Perry Reveals Beauty Routine In ‘Vogue’ Behind The Scenes Video

katyperry dressing

Katy Perry is very beautiful and gorgeous celebrity in all over the world. She stunned on the July 2013 cover of ‘Vogue’, but we were more attracted with what went on behind the scenes.

Happily, Katy Perry let ‘Vogue’ cameras in on some of her beauty top secret as she set herself for the flashing lights.

She exposed her much loved features & how her look has evolved over her years in the spotlight.

In the video Katy Perry speaks over a montage of her getting prepared for the Met Ball. As Katy Perry brushes her lashes & brows, the singer tells us how much Katy Perry beauty schedule has altered over the years. “We utilized to like to do theatrical makeup,” Katy said, “but I feel we are coming into a more age proper think of experimenting.”

Katy Perry, who used to be Proactive spokesperson said, “My skin used to be a lot not as good as than it is [now] so, we would do a lot more exposure because I was unconfident about my skin & when you are unsure of yourself about your skin, you just do a lot more.

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