Suri Cruise is now seven years old.

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise the single daughter Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes turned to seven years old.

After the divorce of her parents she is now living with her mother Katie Holmes in New York City from July when the divorce took place.

Suri is spending normal life with Katie and enjoys cab rides, enrolling in private school, and exploring the streets of the city.

Suri’s father Tom Cruise already celebrates his cute and lovely daughter’s birthday before her birthday. And this thing reveals by Tom himself in an interview where he said that he already celebrates his daughter’s birthday.

“I take care of the kids early,” Tom explained, adding that the birthday present shopping was “done already.“You’ll know, you gotta plan ahead for these things,” Tom said. “All celebrated and done.”

And now her actual birthday is celebrating with her famous other Katie Holmes defiantly. Because she already celebrates it with her father and now this is her mother’s turn. She is the famous daughter of two very famous celebrities like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Suri mostly loves and wants to go at Central Park Zoo so there are the possibilities that she is spending time at the zoo but maybe she is planning with her mother a big birthday party and also invites her family and friends. And may the twosome go for the shopping.

We all wish to the cute girl very 7th happy birthday.

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