Sarah Harding Forgot Lyrics on Stage

Sarah Harding

Not a good time for Sarah Harding…

Sarah Harding

Her 2 years old pooch Yogi didn’t get a passport to travel with her lovely lady. So sad Sarah, we can understand your feelings.
And that’s the reason behind why Sarah forget the lyrics while performing their 2003’s biggest hit Life Got Cold. It seems very miserable for the Girls Aloud Singer.

Source tells: “Sarah obviously wanted him to join her for the Irish dates and had correctly filled out all the paperwork to Ensure Yogi was granted a passport.” But due to some law changes the puppy didn’t get the passport to travel with Sarah.

This is because they need some paper work for it. When they told the singer, she was about to taking the stage for her performance and that’s why she did her worst there.

She was thinking that her lovely and adorable puppy will come in few time but when she listened its not possible she feel sad for it.
She also told the audience and crowd about her mistake:  “I’ve forgotten the words.” during her performance she seemed smiling in front of her fans but not from inside.

She was very sad and distracted “She was transfixed and then suddenly Realised it was her bit of the song!”.

Written by: Lily Markson

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