IDA’s New Collection of Your Favorite Jeans

IDA Jeans

IDA Jeans

Donna Ida by denim boutique launches her new collection of true-waisted and tailored jeans with classic co-ordinates. IDA is completely new concept in denim boutique.

Denim guru said; “We stock so many amazing denim brands and we have no need to compete with them, but our customers just can’t seem to get enough high-waisted styles,” to British Vogue. “It no longer has the mumsy, hangover from Armani reputation, but a stylish, over-35-year-old customer tends to want to look sophisticated while having all the benefits of a higher waist – they are comfortable; they give you a really nice line; make you look taller; and you don’t have to worry about your stomach appearing over the top; and they look even better now that denim fabrics have developed to offer such great choice. It’s a win win.”

The cost of these jeans’ reportedly cost between £140 and £170. You can join the waiting list or get in on the presale right now by

Written by: Lily Markson

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