Lip Makeup

lips makeup

lips makeup

Lips are the very prominent part of our face so it defiantly deserves the attention.

When you start make up do not neglect your lips and give them full time like other parts. To protect your lips from weather affects apply iodex on it. Iodex is very useful and apply moisturizer on your lips and cure them for cutting and roughness.

Before starting lip make up must read these tips it will be helpful for you.

  • To protect your lips from the harsh effects of the makeup product first apply lip balm on your lips before starting your face make up. It will also moisturize your lips and give the fresh look to them after completing the makeup.
  • Then use lip liner as a outline of your lips. Choose a color matching with your dress and lipstick color and draw an outline on your lips.
  • Then apply lipstick between this outline with the help of brush and do it many time to make your lipstick long lasting.
  • Choose lipstick color which matched with your dress and also with your face complexion. Red color is general color which suits on every one the most.
  • After applying lipstick first, press it with spoon and then apply it again it will make stronger and long lasting to your lip makeup.
  • After that you can also give the finishing touch to your make up with the help of lip gloss. It will give your lips very shinny and juicy look. If your lips are already shiny then didn’t apply lip gloss or use it without mascara.


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