Want to look Glamorous??? Here are the Standout trends for you.

Bold Brows

Some things are here and some things are not… as like 2012. This proceeding year gone but gave us very stunning and glamorous trends which we want to see again in 2013. But also there are… some things which we don’t want to see again. The following are some looks and Standout Beauty trends which we want to see (and support) in this running year 2013, hopefully.

Retro Curls:

Retro Curls

2012 was the year of retro-stimulated-waves. During Fall/Winter shows it seems on the runways, firstly. Orlando Pita set the VS Angels with their bedroom curls so we also take cues from it and get squashy, capacious waves with barrel curler. Heat-styling inflict mess on your strands. Also revamp the crack ends with a repair serum

Bold Brows:

Bold Brows

Bold brows are considered very glamorous in this year 2012. Don’t you have beautiful and bold brows? Must use a wax pencil to fill up in what you contain, set with a colored gel and feel a stunning look… Just like those starlets and super hit models. Thick and groomed curves are best style which supports you to look glamorous.

Middle Parts:

Middle Parts

An extra ordinary response received from Middle Parts if not a stranger to the trend tracks. Although side parts are still play leading role. Fashion-onward girls are making the trend to the stress-free middle part. Smooth your hair with a moisturizing element. Have you greasy and slimy hairs? Must use a shampoo which is suitable to your hair……

Coloring Eyes:

Colorful Eyes

In 2012 colorful eyes shadows gave very glooming look. We followed Ginnifer Goodwin’s emerald green peepers or Kirsten Dunst,s pale purple lids in past year. Wahile at the same time we wouldn’t inevitably support the vivid aqua-hued smokey eyes that are also not followed by the Prabal Gurung on the runway. The best thing in 2013 to look awesome is the use of bold colures with little shimmer on the eye lids.

Braids on Hairs:


One more absolutely gorgeous trend of 2012 is the Braids. Every type of the braids is must be followed by the every head… fishtail to milkmaid and twisted tendrils. Want to achieve good looks?  Must have ideal plaits with non-sticky pomade and also use the hair bands which must be clear and unseen.

Vampy Lips:

Vampy Lips

In 2012 vampires and vixens rush forward the Vampy Lips a lot.  Blend of two lipsticks of Gucci brand was started by Pat McGrath and very soon it was followed by everyone. Must use it with unbiased eyes and match up with bold brows. As like smoky eyes of la Emma Stone and Lily Collins.

Silky Bangs:

Sleek Bangs

There isn’t a single woman who hasn’t confused about her bangs whether she cuts it or not. Jessica Biel’s disclosure made us all to rush our stylist and must make an appointment with them. This trend makes a huge response in past year 2012. It’s not a strange thing that designers followed their suits with this trend. Must try smoothing hairs leave-in-cure and keeping silky bangs.

Written by: Lily Markson

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