GHOST RIDER Movie Trailer & Review

Ghost Rider


The movie didn’t receive any positive reaction from the audience as compare to previous one.

People declare this movie worst in the comparison of previous Ghost Rider film. In fact some peoples didn’t hesitate to say that sequel makes the first film “look like The Dark Knight” by comparison.

The rating of this movie is 17% and 103 people states about this worst movie “With a weak script, uneven CG work, and a Nicolas Cage performance so predictably loony it’s no longer amusing, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance aims to be trashy fun but ends up as plain trash.”

A viewer said that this movie didn’t catch his eyes and the script, screenplays all were not good and one big mistake was that the chain never lit up on fires either.

So this movie was really bad one. The flaming bike looked broken down, the skull wasn’t sharp, and the jacket charred but in the first installment the bike was very wonderful and great, the skull was also very sharp and the expression of the spiritual hero was awesome and great. But this one makes all the things very down.

Ghost  Rider

But the IGN gave the movie four out of five stars which is a big complement for this movie because many of them didn’t take it as good as they rated it. No doubt with all negative reviews it opened in 3,174 theaters at #3 with $22,115,334.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was nominated for two Golden Raspberry Awards

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