John Carter Trailer & Review

John Carter Trailer & Review

John Carter is the science fiction adventure movie of 2012. The movie was directed by Andrew Stanton. The original date of the movie release was June 8, 2012 but the date was postponed in the January up to the March 9, 2012.

John carter movie was based on the A Princess of Mars book. The movie was showed in the 3D in the Disney Digital and in the regular 2D and also IMAX 3D formats.

The movie receives mixed reviews and did not get lot of success in the domestic box office but on the other hand movie goes very good in the overseas and also makes records at their box office.

President of the said about this film and the budget of this film: “John Carter’s bloated budget would have required it to generate worldwide tickets sales of more than US$600-million to break even, a height reached by only 63 films in the history of moviemaking.”

John Carter  Trailer & Review

Some peoples didn’t like the work and the big budget of the movie and so it gets very less response from that was expected for this big budget movie.

People said that there is nothing new in this movie and the things are happened many times better before this movie. The movie John Carter earned $73,078,100 in North America and $209,700,000 in other countries.

John Carter’s highest-grossing opening was in Russia and the CIS, where it broke the all-time opening-day record ($6.5 million).


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