Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer & Review

Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman gets big one in the worldwide.

This movie earned a worldwide total of $396,397,203 in which $155,136,755 in North America, along with $241,260,448 in other territories includes.

In this grand total $1,383,000 from midnight showings in North America is also calculated. This movie also comes on the top of the entire comparison movie in 30 countries. While on the Box Office it comes on the 15th number according to Indie wire.

Snow White and the Huntsman

According to website film rates 48% with mixed reviews some likes it very much and some viewers give critical reviews.

The calculated review is “While it offers an appropriately dark take on the fairy tale that inspired it, Snow White & the Huntsman is undone by uneven acting, problematic pacing, and a confused script.”

One person said Dialogue throughout the movie was pretty bad as well, people in my theater only laughed once or twice and that was during a scene that wasn’t even intended to be funny.

Trailer of the movie was very great which also intimate the public but when they saw the movie they didn’t satisfy from the quality of the movie and the excitement of the fans drop down immediately.

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