The Amazing Spider Man Trailer & Review

The Amazing Spider man


The Amazing Spider Man movie was very hit and wonderful movie of the year 2012.

This movie goes on the top when it hits the theaters. All the management and team work was wonderful in it. Peoples really like and appreciate the movie and the work.

We didn’t see the qualities of this movie like fantastic visual effects, memorable action scenes and a new level of emotional depth in any previous Spiderman movie. It was the wonderful one from the previous installments.

The Amazing Spider man

The staring of Andrew Garfield makes it more powerful most of the public go for this movie just for watching Andrew. He is at the age of 28 but he plays the role of 17 years old boy character very perfectly and incredibly. In the previous when Maguire was the peter marker he looks adult in his costume even he was one year younger from Andrew but Andrew was the perfect match and goes awesome.

Andrew Garfield with Emma Watson goes rocking in this movie. The chemistry between the couples was very amazing and Emma plays her role very perfectly as Gwen Stacy.

Sheen brings the intrinsic qualities of family love and togetherness to the movie and the Ryan was also very great as a Dr. Connors/ truly said the cast and the crew of this movie was the best from previous spider man installments. Everyone work the amazingly and make the movie so perfect and high.

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