A “Mr. Bean” actor’s McLaren F1 got insurance claim of $1.4 million

Mr bean

Mr bean

“Mr. Bean” actor Rowan Atkinson’s rare McLaren F1 rack up $1.4 million for insurance settlement after the crashing last year.

It is recorded as one of biggest auto insurance claim in the British history. McLaren F1 need a expert for its repairing while the calculation of this settlement took several weeks but the repairing process of this car lasted for more than one year.

The high quality machinery McLaren F1 needs highly financial cost for returning it back into the working condition The Associated Press writes

Ben Stagg, specialty insurer with RK Harrison gives more details about it: “All modern supercars are predominantly carbon fiber — most Lamborghinis, most Ferraris — and the smallest ding in carbon fiber is a big repair job. And part of the engine bay is gold, that’s the best heat conductor. It’s the materials they used compared to everyday cars that make it so expensive.”

Classic & Sports Car magazine features the story about Rowan’s rare car, and actor told the magazine that he feel depressive when “great cars are hidden away.” Magazine editor Alastair Clements also appreciate the Rowan and said:

“He let us do the story because he wanted other enthusiasts to know that he loves it, that he isn’t just some celebrity with an expensive car, that he’s owned it for 15 years and loved it for 15 years. He’s put it back exactly as it was. He’s a bit of a hero. It’s much more than the value.”

Scotsman.com told that Mr. Bean’s actor bought this car for just $1 million in 1997. In 2011 the McLaren F1 crashed due to slippery path of the road. When the accident happened the car was derived more than 38 miles approximately.

Written by: Daniel Nilson

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