After the Breakup with Biber, Selena stuck herself with Bible

selena gomez

After the break up with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez changes her ways.  She has gone a different route- sticking with religion. She seems relaxed after her break up, last week she attended Vogue magazine’s party for designer Alberta Ferretti, with a huge smile on her pretty face.

Source close to her told “It’s a new year, so time for new people,” She is trying to rid off her old and negative friends and trying to make new ones at the start of New Year.

selena gomez

She is surrounding herself with “positive influences” going forward, source tells. The new crowd of Selena is not just believe the God but also involved in the study of bible.

She claimed in her childhood to be christened now she is again returning to the religion. She already keeps the history of tweeting Bible verses. Now she is taking Bible for joining her broken heart after the breakup. She wants to face all her problems with the help of Bible.
We think its good for her, better to be seen with the bible than weed…

Written by: Daniel Nilson

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