After the Split with Harry Styles, Taylor Swift is writing the song for Him…

taylor swift harry styles song

This Proceeding year is not looking good for the A-List couple Taylor Swift 22 & Harry Styles 18… in the very first week of this year they were split out. So everyone is supposing that as like the history of “RED” singer is writing the song about her latest relationship.

taylor swift harry styles song

Taylor tweeted cryptically “Back in the studio,” on Thursday, Jan. 10. “Uh oh…”

The next day she, quoting her most famous ‘Knew You Were Trouble’ In addation: “…’til you put me down,” referring to her massive hit.
In 2010 She told “I’ve always lived by the theory that if a guy doesn’t want me to write a bad song about him, he won’t do bad things,” “And he shouldn’t, you know?”

The couple was very romantic and happy mood, earlier in the January. They also celebrate New Year together and shared a lingering public New

Year’s Eve KISS at MIDNIGHT. But Taylor suddenly left the Virgin Gorda Island and rushed home to Nashville.

Written by: Lily Markson

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