Angelina’s son Knox: copying his dad Brad

brad pitt son knox

brad pitt son knox

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s four-years-old cute son: Knox Jolie-Pitt copying his dad Brad Pitt on a family day.

The family, Angelina, Brad and Knox with his twin sister Vivienne go to the Natural History Museum on Valentine’s Day, in Los Angles. And boy 4 dressed just like his 49 dad Brad.

He wore all black rocking sunglasses, a blazer, T-shirt and matching pants at the same time Brad also wore all black donning a coat, T-shirt and jeans in black.

The young boy had a blast playing with fossils, putting together a Tyrannosaurus Rex puzzle and also looking at specimens through a microscope while they were there a source tells.

Written by: Daniel Nilson

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