Ashley Greene’s Neighbors are in Trouble Due to the Star

Ashley Greene Pic

Ashley Greene whose apartment went into the flames last Friday due and she also lost her dog in that incident and now her neighbors also going her against.

Ashley Greene Pic

On last Friday the Twilight Saga’s star’s apartment at West Hollywood’s Granville Towers burn due to some unattended candles and also cause of dying the one dog of Ashley.

Now her neighbors are saying about that is a nightmare for all of them due to her very wild routine and wrong activities.

Her neighbors didn’t show any sympathy to her for her dog’s death and also for burning apartment. She invites her friends and other celebrities all over the day and also at the middle of nights. Which cause the disturbance for the peoples who living around her apartment.

They are also deciding to go to the manger and authorities to complain on the activities of Star. But still they didn’t do anything like this. At the time of fire incident two boys are also sleeping at her condo, May be her boyfriend or brother.

Ashley was also invited to back into her condo because the renovation of the place is completed. The fire is burn due to alighted candle throughout the whole night putting near the couch which burns the whole apartment.

One source from LA fire department said about the incident: ‘She is absolutely heartbroken. This is a terrible, terrible time and it’s been a very hard situation to swallow.’ And 911 also receives the call from a guy screaming loudly: ‘The building’s on fire!’.

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