Beyonce’s new look for Beverage Co.’s ad



Beyonce posted on her face book about her new ad sponsored by Pepsi, “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour,”

She was showing her new hair color in four different poses, she also wore tiny Daisy Duke Shorts and a tight white turtleneck sweater and there is also a new thing in her hairs. Yea she was showing off her blond hairs. But we didn’t clear that it was any wig or extensions. Probably her actual hair dye…

Recently, She also wore very bright blond shade of her hairs in new ‘do in a recent Warhol-inspired Pepsi ad
Mrs. Carter looks in fun mood with red color on lips and sexy pants. It’s clear that this ad for a beverage company was promoting her world tour “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour,”.

Written by: Daniel Nilson

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