Big April Fools from Celebrity Stars

Happy April Fool's Day

Happy April Fool's Day

Big celebrities make big fools to their fans on April fool day like Snooki, Mike Tyson, Joan Rivers, and also President Barack Obama.

Snooki, who previously reveals the news that she is not marrying with Jionni LaValle  soon make fool to all her fans by dressed as bride and tweets the picture of her and caption it: “Jionni and I eloped! Here’s a pic of the magical day!”

Tyson, 46 boxing star also make fool to the people by scared them that he is going to remove his face tattoo and tweets: “at the doctor’s office this morning. Getting this tattoo removed from my face.” He also added that it is very painful. But not more than two hours he broke the news and said that he never ever says good bye to his tattoo don’t be scared.

Another big fool comes from Farrah Abraham Teen Mom 2 star who was arrested for DUI said that she is adopting a baby brother for Sophia and expanding her family. She told about her big day: “Were adopting a baby brother, Sophie is super excited xo! Adopting is a #blessing.”

And she also receives congratulations and also criticism. One of her follower tweet back to her: “Clearly this will be a pet or an April fool’s joke,”

and another really big fool comes out from White House when they tweets about the video message from President and tweets: “This morning, the White House released a special video message from the President,”  and this tweet was linked to a YouTube video where a little Barack Obama comes on screen of the video and that is Robbie Novak.

After tweet back that peoples are expecting someone else and now the jokes ends.

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