Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship is over again

Rihanna, Chris Brown

Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship was always on the troublesome times they are happily together and sometimes they are on far distance and now once again the relationship was over.

After a long time rumoring about the relationship is quit or not finally this thing is officially confirmed that Rihanna and Chris call their relationship over.

And it is may be because of considering the career most important then a rough and unhappy relationships which always make you sad feel. But Rihanna always love her former and ex love Chris Brown but now she put all her efforts to the music or career.

She has a long schedule about her coming life and career this time she is on the finishing part of her Diamond Tour and after that she also planned to start a perfume brand with her name and also wants to do make her fashion campaigns more wide.

So we all think that your this decision will be more good for you RIRI.

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