Dorothy Hamill Announces to Drop the “Dancing with the Stars” Due to Spine Injury

Dorothy Hamill Dancing with the Stars

56 years old Dorothy Hamill announces to leave the “Dancing with the Stars” competition by not with any elimination, but personally herself due to spine injury.

Dorothy Hamill Dancing with the Stars

Its season 6 huge goodbyes to the star with lots of tears in eyes, Dorothy added that she is going from the competition show due to advice from her spine surgeon. She shared about her condition and problem and told that doctor is saying her to stop dancing.

“I have an injury that could be irreparable, and nerve damage and it would be completely unfair for me to stay in this and have any of these people go home,” she said. And Hamill also added that she spends very wonderful and amazing time with all of them and she never thinks about to break her commitments and stop the season but she is not able to continue.

The Olympic figure skater added that she going to miss the all co dancer and she name “a treasure.” To her pro-dancer partner Tristan MacManus.  On her Monday’s dance performance she didn’t perform her best due to her injury. Due to the spine injury she didn’t do any rehearsal of her performance and that’s why that didn’t go so good.

But still with not so good performance she was not in elimination but drop the season personally as considering her injury and health problems.

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