Harry’s Jeans pulled down by Liam on stage

Harry styles

Harry styles

One Direction must amaze their fans by doing some funny gigs on stage. While performing, all these five handsome boys always look at girls and also make them shriek.

When Harry was performing her solo song What Makes You Beautiful, it is Harry’s solo debut and all his band members stood silently behind Style. And at that time Harry’s band mate Liam Payne decides to pull off Harry’s super tight pant in front of the public and he just not only decides he also did this

And Harry Style was struggling to pull up his jeans to save the guilty feeling which comes when his jeans come all down and his modesty were exposed.

And it is also difficult for anyone when you are performing in front of numbers of peoples and your one hand is busy to hold a microphone, your other hand is not enough to pull your jeans up. And this thing also may name as ‘stage fright’.

And this funny gigs video is also uploaded on the YouTube and we may think that it will also add to the highly anticipated 3D movie This Is Us.
And his band mates always did this; it is not the first time. Last year Liam and Zayn ripped off Harry’s shirt on the stage while Style was performing. And his bared chest seems by everyone present at the Chicago concert.

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