Jennifer Aniston took cupping treatment shows off her circular marks on the Red Carpet.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

At the red carpet of Lifetime’s Call Me Crazy Jennifer Aniston debuts her cupping marks at Los Angeles yesterday..

She reveals at the red carpet that she is recently go under the cupping treatment. She was wearingthigh-grazing shorts and showing off her shaped and beautifully toned legs.

Beside all her stunning looks one thing is more noticeable that she had circular marks which come after the cupping treatment.

Cupping is the Chinese therapy which is the best alternate of the medicine. It uses to relax the body and muscle tension.

The glass bulbs which are filled with the heat of fire put on the back of the person usefor releasing toxins. But this treatment leaves the red circle marks on the back of the person who goes under the treatment of cupping.

And the 44 years old lady comes very proudly to the rd carpet and no doubt she was looking incredibly beautiful. And she also shows off her circle marks on her back at the red carpet.

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