Jennifer Lawrence said YES to “The Hunger Games”.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence now comes in “The Hunger Games”. And it also took three days to decide but she didn’t get any satisfactory answer, even every day said the different conclusion.

Jennifer plays the role of Katniss Everdeen in the new movie “The Hunger Games”. First she was confused about to pick this character and make herself the part of movie franchise but after when she talks with her mother on this topic, her mind was changed and now she decided to act this character.

Oscar winning actress said: “It’s really rare that saying yes to something will completely change your life. I was happy with my life and I didn’t know if I wanted it to change,” to The Fabulous Magazine.

She added that she never feels that she is very famous actress; in fact she wants to spend a normal life like other people spend. About her future she always thinks that she is a normal and loving mother of her children driving a mini-van for them.

After thinking three days about this movie franchise character but didn’t reach any final decision and finally Jennifer talks to her mother about this and then she changes her mind.

She added: “I’d only really done indie films before that, and she said, ‘Every time people ask you why you don’t do studio movies, you always say that it’s because you don’t care about the size of the movie, you care about the story and the character. “
But when people said to Jennifer that why she is not confirming this character when she also have a good character along with great story? Why you are considering the size of the movie. Then Jennifer said yes to the “The Hunger Games”.

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