Justin Bieber didn’t authorize to keep his monkey due to absence of papers

Justin Biber's

Justin Biber's

Justin Bieber didn’t allowed to come with his monkey, so he leave his beloved monkey to the authorities to go for a concert,

The Canadian singer didn’t have the necessary document to enter the pet monkey in the city. So he leaves his monkey at quarantine.

Last week the 19 years old singer was landed to the Germany without the papers of capuchin monkey which was necessary for keeping the monkey inside the city.

While after the concert the singer tweets but didn’t mention his pet in it: “Munich was a good time. And loud. The bus is headed to Vienna now. U coming?” last Thursday he was landed at the Munich airport and send towards custom authorities for didn’t carrying the necessary documents for his Monkey.

On Thursday he performed in Munich which was the also part of his European tour. He also scheduled many tours and concerts in Austria and then in Germany in coming weeks.

The previous and going days are not so good for the “Baby” singer and he is facing many of problems such as breathing problem during the one of his concert and after that he took to the hospital for treatment. Also arrives late at his some concert and didn’t show better attitude to his fans.

He also vomits on the stage while showing off his big ass to his fans and concert members, which was also not a good thing and effects his reputation.
So now we didn’t expect anything such like from the singer.

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