Kelly Obsourne gives great tips to lose weight.

Kelly Osburne reveals

Kelly Osburne reveals

Kelly Obsourne reveals how she loses her big Weight and now she is in the perfect body shape.

She reveals about her fitness: “I have a Hoopnotica hula hoop. I use it every day, and it’s made my back and arms stronger, and my waist has gone down two inches! On Saturday nights my friends and I put on ridiculous outfits and hula-hoop and dance when everyone else is at ‘da club.’ We call it #HipHopAnonymous. Adam Lambert is in it. We live in the same building, and random people show up. The next morning you’re like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m so sore,’ but you had the best night ever!”
She also said that she take her heavy and fatty meal at the morning time. So if she likes to eat pizza she takes it on the breakfast and salad on the lunch and for the dinner she prefers oatmeal.

She said that she thinks that she is a fat person and that’s the thought behind which pushes her more to do her best. And for that’s why she look after herself and take good care about the fitness.

This thing also teach her that how to eat right things on their right times. Kelly said she never compare herself from any person this is not good that if we want to become exact that one, But if we use to that person as a goal achiever instead of copy of that person.
She said about her good friends in which Nike+ FuelBand, are included. Kelly told us that she is in the competition with her friend and it is defiantly a healthy thing.

Kelly added that she thinks she is not perfect and her body as well but after all that she loves her body also.

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