Kim & Kanye’s are not spending time with each other.

kim & kanye

kim & kanye

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West dun seem much closer after the start and announcement of pregnancy of Kim on last year December 30 in Atlantic City concert.

And also on the next day from announcement Kanye also presents a ring to her baby to be mama in a Night Club at Las Vegas. But there is one strange thing that is happening this parents to be couple that they are not look together and engaged with each other.

We also didn’t know about what is the reason behind this but it’s almost three months when they announce their baby and the couple spends hardly 18 days together.

And one more thing to notice that for this short time which they spend together was just because of mom to be. She travelled for Kanye to take her baby’s father. He didn’t comes to the Kim and also not spend time together.

In January they spend time together in Paris and after they return back to Los Angles and New York City for work, but again in the start of February they again together for enjoying the sun at Rio de Janeiro. And after that with Kardashian mother and sister Khole, Kim and West come to the doctor’s appointment for checkup.

And after that Baby’s father Kanye comes to Europe for more concerts at London, Paris, and Amsterdam continue till that month’s end.

And for Paris Fashion Week event Kim traveled to France to join West for his favorite event. After spending some time once again they go far away because West was still there for working on his coming music while Kim was come back to home.

So for many on and off times they come together but not for a long time. But is this situation continues after the birth of their baby?

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