Kim Kardashian New Look

Kim Kardashian New Look

Kim Kardashian New Look

Kim Kardashian changed her dressing according to her physical situation.

The reality TV star and mom-to-be was dressed according to her pregnancy situation.  She was hanging out in the Los Angeles for having lunch with pal Simon Huck.

She wears floats number touching the floor along with dainty gold sandals and cream color blazer. And she was looking absolutely stunning in this dressing.

After the lunch she was taking some ice cream, while she feels much comfortable and relaxed in this outfit. It also seems that she said good bye to the high heels and uncomfortable dresses to relax her baby and herself.

She also debut her new hairstyle and said about it that she is copying ’Kate Moss bangs’ earlier in this week.
Kanye’s lady love looking fabulous in her new getup…

Written by: Lily Markson

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