Kim Kardashian & North West In Public: First Photo Since Birth

Kim Kardashian & North West

32 years old actress Kim Kardashian, has at last emerged, 8 weeks after giving birth to her daughter ‘North West’ on June 15… The new mother looked dazzling as she made her first civic look in 2 months, with’ Kanye West’ & baby Nori by her side.

Sporting an extra-large light blue denim shirt, Uggs, black leggings, a full-size Hermes bag as a expensive diaper bag & a new mom glow, actress Kim finally decided she was prepared to step out into the genuine world after taking protection at her house for weeks after gave birth.

In her first post-baby look, Kim Karadashia looked pleased & healthy as she walked into the doctor’s place. Source told that; Kim Karadashia will just bring child North out with her one day anywhere.

You might not see her face however that is the plan for right now. Unluckily, we did not see North’s face in the pictures, but we did notice Kanye’s lovable liking toward Kim.

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