Lindsey Vonn was waiting Tiger Wood in the car

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn

Tiger Wood’s new love Lindsey Vonn waited him in the car while Tiger comes at her 5 years-old daughter’s soccer game with his ex-wife at Jupiter.

Also on that day the couple goes to the official Face book to reveal their relationship but we think they are still not ready to face the public directly.

While Tiger is not only who starts new love life after ending up the previous one, her ex-wife also reportedly dating with Chris Cline, a billionaire. And soon she will announce this news at public.
The separated couple didn’t sit together during the game. They sit lonely at the opposite sides of each other while Lindsay was waiting her man in the car.

Behind all the things that’s going happening this must be appreciate that they consider their child and they both go for her and also know their responsibilities according to her daughter, Even whatever their personal lives going on.

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