One Direction’s Boys Order Nando’s meal. See what is inside…

One Direction’s Boys Order Nando’s meal.

One Direction’s Boys Order Nando’s meal.

One Direction orders to the Nando for their Newcastle gig before to eat something and energize them.

Harry ordered a wrap by increasing chess and pineapple, While Niall likes to eat vegetables and loads.
After eating all there Nando order they are going to hit the gig at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena.

And this is very interesting which the One Direction Band Boys wants to eat.

Harry Style orders: 1 x Double Chicken (Mango & Lime) wrap with cheese & pineapple

Liam Payne turns: 1 x Butterfly Chicken (Medium) No skin

1 x Mixed olives

1 x Perinaise sauce

Louis Tomlinson

1 x Half Chicken (Medium)

1 x Creamy Mash

1 x Perinaise sauce

Niall Horan:

1 x Double Chicken wrap (Medium) – no lettuce;

1 x Spicy rice

5 x Wings (Medium)

1 x Perinaise

1 x Medium sauce

Zayn Malik

1 x Double Chicken pitta (Medium) with cheese

1 x Mixed Olives

1 x Coleslaw

1 x Corn on the cob

1 x hot sauce

1 x Extra Hot sauce

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