Rihanna & Drake’s NYC Dinner Date Ended With A Kiss

Rihanna & Drake

Recently Drake & Rihanna enjoyed with each other’s company as they caught up over ‘food and drinks at Sons of Essex on Aug. 23’. Before left the evening, Drake finished their romantic and dreamy night with a kiss…Source told that; Drake gave her a hug & kissed on her cheek. It was not anything major; it was just Drake being himself. The spectator also told us that when singer Rihanna was ready to leave, Drake pulled out all the stops & acted like an ‘old school’ chivalrous gentleman. Drake was such a man said; the copious spy. He had one of his muscle scoot her chair back, he stood up after Rihanna did & he told her she ‘looked good-looking as always.
We have taught that singer Rihanna was in good spirits, mood, and feelings and thrilled to catch up with the ‘Started from the Bottom’ rapper.  Drake was similarly excited to see Rihanna, especially since she is out of her connection with Chris Brown.

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