Robert Pattinson: Hot & Heavy with Camille Rowe In Dior Ad

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart, you may desire to look away. After receiving teased with loads of snaps previewing Robert Pattinson’s Dior Homme ads with the sexy and hot model Camille Rowe, admirers can at last watch the end product. Is it R-Patz’s sexiest adore scene ever?
Set to Led Zeppelin’s rocking ‘Whole Lotta Love’ the black & white short movie plays like a tour through the fantasies of every Twi-hard ever. Pattinson has never looked better, cooler & Camille does not look so terrible herself.

The pair are depicted as a type of youthful, current Bonnie & Clyde ‘minus the bank robbing’, as they traipse through ballrooms & across beaches, plunge artfully into pools & make out a lot. It is solid to pick a much loved instant from this steamy ad that runs just under 2 min.

Rob Pattinson looking all idealistic in a trench coat on top of a city building, Pattinson speeding through the ocean’s wake in a time BMW, Rob Pattinson & Camille turning an elevator into their own personal love den all the pictures are fabulous.

Judging by the snaps that came out previous to this ad was released, we knew it was going to be hot & sexy, but we could not have predicted this. Excuse us; we are going to go watch it like 80 more times

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