Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s steamy deleted scene from their new movie.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s steamy

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s steamy

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone was looking so sexy and in perfect romantic in one of their movie scene.

They both are starring in the movie Gangster Squad and the DVD’s of this movie was coming to the stores on this 23 April.

This steamy hot scene was deleted from the movie flick and all the Ryan and Emma lovers are missing this very steamy moment.

No doubt the couple looks very perfect while doing this type of scenes together because they also shows their qualities of steamy moments in their similar movie Crazy, Stupid, Love and now fans wants some more stuff but sadly this scene didn’t added to the movie’s DVDs.

Ryan Gosling was staring in this movie as Sgt. Jerry Wooters and the lady star Emma Stone as Grace Faraday. And in this sexy scene they are together at Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles after a long time apart in the movie story and this is the perfect back up of the couple.

Gosling said in his character to the Emma “shouldn’t have let you go,” and immediately they come in each other’s arms very emotionally and the Ryan also kissed her on her neck while camera perfectly captured all the emotional feelings of them.

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