Tom Cruise said he did not pressurize Suri to come in the Acting Field.

Suri cruise

Suri cruise

Tom Cruise famous and legendry actress is talking about his children future.

At the premier of his new movie Oblivion which is basically a science fiction and thriller movie he
revealed that he never pursue the Suri to go or not go in the acting field. Whatever she wants to do I will
defiantly appreciate her.

He said: “All my kids [can get into acting], what I do is try to find out what they’re interested in and
support them in that. There’s no pressure. I’m lucky. I love what I do. I think with them, it’s just finding
out what you want to do and support it.”

Tom Cruise’s one son Connor is already in acting. He is 18 years old and he appears in the 2008 flick Seven Pounds with Will Smith.

And for the Style and Fashion industry Suri Cruise is following her mother’s footsteps. Her mother Katie also reveals that she has a good sense of style and fashion. If I wore something which is not suit to me she told me and said that I do not wear this. Or wear something else with that.

While Suri’s father said that it is very hard working field. We should go far away or sometimes we can’t
sleep for a long minimum one or two hours while on the shooting or on the set.

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