Zayn Malik sings Beyonce while he is under the shower.

Zayn Malik singing

Zayn Malik singing

Zayn Malik a very good voice in One Direction band revealed something about his voice.

Zayn who is also the part of One Direction band said that he loves to sing the Beyonce songs and lyrics when he was bathing is the bathroom.

So this is the truth behind how he shaped his voice. Like so many people Zayn is also a bathroom singer who starts singing when they are alone at washroom.

He reveals this to magazine that he loves singing during bath. He also said: You always think you are better than you actually are because of the echo so that is the only place to try and sing a Beyonce song.’

And this croon of Malik defiantly helps him as well the whole band to take a good start on the stage while their world tour Take Me Home.

Zayn Malik with his band mates Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson is on world tour till October. So now they are on long time to follow and increase the number of their fans.

Zayn is going on good work with One Direction. He also tweets yesterday: London!! You are awesome #1DWorldO2 is open and we are performing there!!’
For One Direction’s Birmingham’s show he also tweets that it was awesome night here. He wrote: Good show tonight in Birmingham!! Had fun man!! .’

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