Jessica Simpson Baby Shower

Baby is on the way…

Jessica Simpson expecting her second child who is a boy reportedly is coming very soon. So the baby mama and her fellows are preparing themselves for the arrival of the baby.

jessica simpson baby shower photo

The star celebrates her baby’s shower at the Bel-Air Hotel garden on Sunday 14 April. This beautiful event was planned and designed by the Mindy Weiss. And it was very colorful for everyone who was present at that time.

Mark’s Garden featured flowers and yellow roses make this event very beautiful. The decoration finished along with yellow ranunculus, bunches of lavender and cabbage leaves surrounding the party.

Her daughter and her coming boy (name is not decided yet) received so many gifts and presents from all the guests. And the presents are consisting of bath toys, a new video monitor, a high chair, a Baby Bjorn kid carrier and an activity play gym.

She is in trouble due to her second pregnancy she said it is difficult fro her in this time, and she also reveals that she is now stopping to get more kids after this coming boy.

She reveals: “Originally, I had wanted three. But now that I have one and another one on the way, I feel like I could stop here,” but the thing do not stops here she also said that Accidents are happening many of times so people should expect another one.

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