Fifth Time in Two Months… Katt Williams arrested AGAIN – fails to show up for his arraignment.

katt williams

Katt Williams was taken into the prison because he fails to show-off on his arraignment on Tuesday. Its not for the first time-Fifth time in the two months.

katt williams

He was in L.A. for its court date at the same time . He told that Los Angeles court date was related to custody of his kids.
“Sacramento put out a warrant after they knew I had to be in court. I couldn’t be in two court places at the same time. I had court in L.A. and court in Sacramento on the same day,” when he bailed out, he told to the TMZ.

In addition he said that: It was my kids, so I can’t miss that one,”

In November Katt was driving a three-wheel bike, very carelessly-in city center Sacramento on 25 of the month. He flees from the police and also breaks several signals at the same time. Cops apparently called off the chase, for public safety but arrested him later on Dec. 7.

In the mid of November a man claims that Katt hits him on his head with a bottle. At that time Williams was also arrested and bailed out and also on Dec. 28 disbelief of child endangerment in Los Angeles.

This time he paid $100,500 for his bail.

Written by: Daniel Nilson

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